april, 2019

04apr7:30 pm10:00 pmNew Moon Cacao x Breath Women Circle


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.:. How are you doing sister? How is your heart doing? How is your beautiful body doing? How is your mind doing?
.:. Are you one of those women that are always strong? That carry the weight of the world on her shoulders? And is there a deep longing to surrender? To be held in a space where you can just let go for a moment? To restore yourself and re-connect with your deepest longings and desires?
.:. Is there a longing to (re-)connect deeper with your body and your inner wisdom? And to re-connect deeper with other sisters?

The Feminine is Rising and we are standing on the threshold. You can feel her by the emotions in your body and your longing to travel inwards and discover the treasures you carry. There is no one but you who can take the courageous step to surrender to the Feminine and to embrace and celebrate all that is you.

We have created a safe space for you to surrender in your body, to open yourself to your authenticity and to [re-]discover your truth.

We are calling all of you Wise Women, Strong Women, Wild Women home.

.:. Surrender and lay down your armor of protection
.:. Allow yourself to fall deeply in love with the woman that you are

Be welcome in the safe space of our temple.

We have LIMITED space, so be sure to reserve your SPOT with us ♥

This is our first evening where we will connect with our womb & yoni space. Guided by cacao, breath, movement and meditation we will explore this space where we hold ancient wisdom, where we carry our intuition and where the dragon of our sexuality, our life energy and our creative force is sleeping. We will ground deeper in our bodies and re-connect with our inner wisdom. An evening of awakening our sexual energy and fully embodying our Sensuality in safety.

This our second evening where we will guide you with cacao, breath, meditation, journaling and sharing to explore your heart space. You are safe to open your heart. You are safe beautiful sister. What are your hearts deepest desires? What are your deepest longings? Are you ready to receive all that you’re worthy of?

This evening we will explore the temple of our throat. After grounding ourselves deeper in our bodies and our womb space on our first evening, and opening our hearts in safety on our second evening we will work with our unique tool to express ourselves with: our Voice.
We are the creators of our own reality and our life. The voice and the vibration of our words play a significant role in this. We have manifesting powers; everything we speak we create. That’s why it is called “spelling” of words. Our words cast spells. Are you ready to speak your deepest desires into reality? Are you ready to express yourself more freely and speak your truth?

The energy of the new moon is something we will work with too during these 3 evenings. New Moon is a time to set intentions, create your visions and goals. It is the beginning of a new cycle where we can re-focus or anchor even deeper in our direction. The energy is powerful for setting intentions and visualizing what we wish to cultivate and manifest in our lives.

3x Thursday evenings starting from 19:30 (door open at 19:15)
7 march, 4 april & 2 may

€25-45 sliding scale [one circle] // please bring CASH

Dorien Bodydoor & Soraya Moon Rise Sisters

doriennagler[@]gmail.com //


(Thursday) 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm