august, 2020

02aug12:30 pm5:30 pmStart living your own truth (and stop pleasing others) - Systemic Workshop (based on family constellation method)


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Perhaps you found this event because:

– You’re spot on when it comes down to other peoples needs (but struggle with your own)
– You have a tendency to adjust yourself to your environment.
– You work very hard and dedicated (but for what and who exactly?)
– You tend to be tired and have a strange feeling that your somehow leaking your energy away.
-You sometimes wonder whether its your own life that your living.

Sounds familiar?

In this workshop we will dive deeply in to the (often unconscious) tendency to ‘please others’. We will go to the root of this ‘pattern’ and take a deep-soul-dive in those aspects of yourself that require transformation.

You will find out what is holding you back and learn how to use insight in to the ‘pleaser dynamic’ as a way to navigate towards a life lived from your authentic Self.

A workshop based on Systemic Work; also known as the Family Constellation method. An extremely insightful form of ceremony which allows for healing and energetic changes to happen.

We start with a small meditation and some movement to connect to our bodies. Then we continue on with a safe and guided constellation ceremony. The ceremony has a magical ability to show you exactly what you need to see, and can handle at this stage in your life. Something you will have to experience yourself in order to understand. You will have a chance to bring forward your own questions and we will work with them. We can look at the pleaser dynamic in your relationship, professional life, decision making, social dynamics, anything!

Coming unprepared with an open mind often gives the greatest results. You will know in the moment what it is that needs to be brought to the surface for you.

Its important to understand that this is a deep dive! Not to scare you but just so you know what to expect; although its educational, its not just theory. You will learn directly by experience, insight and transformations will occur on the spot.

– The workshop will be in English unless everyone is speaking Dutch.
– No substances or any other external items are involved in this workshop.
– If you are Dutch and your insecure about your English, no problem I will translate for you. (Als je engels niet zo goed is dan vertaal ik voor je waar nodig).
–You don’t need any prior experience with constellation work.
-It’s okay to be a bit nervous, most people are 🙂

Do you somehow feel resonance with this text and have a feeling you should join? Thats your intuition speaking to you 🙂

About me.
My name is Merijn Boulogne the founder of ‘Field of Truth’. With the help of workshops, courses and individual session I guide people on their journey of self discovery. Everything I offer is in service to living from and discovering your Authentic Self. I am inspired by many teachers whom I’ve met along the way, my own personal thirst for self knowledge as well as my trainings as a Family and Organisation-Constellation facilitator, Systemic Bodyworker and Yoga Teacher.

People describe my style as fun, authentic and to the point.

What others have shared with me after a workshop”

”I want to thank you again for facilitating the workshop yesterday. It has touched me deeply and brought me a lot of insight. I admired how close you stayed connected to yourself and how you kept the space safe for all of us. Very beautiful to see you walking your Authentic path! E. 12-6-2020

”Magical workshop with likeminded people. A safe setting in which exactly that becomes visible which wants to be seen; so that it can find its way to transformation. Merijn has created exactly that which i desired it to be before i signed up”. Aniek 17-2-2020

‘Hi Merijn, you have created something which moved and touched me. In a way that doesnt make me feel dependend on it. Thank you for this. R. 12-6-2020

”You said some spot on things that I needed to hear, im grateful for that” G. 12-6-2020

Date: 2-08-2020
Time: 12:30 to 1730 (40min break; bring your lunch or eat out).
Location: Kokopelli basement, Warmoesstraat 12 (5min walking f/CS)
Exchange: 55,-
Bring: notebook/pen.
Aanmelden via:
Capacity: I work with small groups and ussualy sell-out #reserve your spot via e-mail.

You recieve an email with more practical information after you sign up.



(Sunday) 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm

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