Return Policy


If you have ordered something from our webshop, you have 14 days to reconsider from the day of receipt. Within that time you can renounce your purchase.

Want to return a product? Send us an email, in which you indicate to renounce the purchase.
The costs of returning the goods are for the account of the customer.
We will not refund the purchase price until we have received the product.
Always keep a copy of the email you sent as evidence. In addition, always keep proof of return of the product.

You cannot return everything you buy online. Some products do not have a cooling-off period, such as products that spoil quickly or have a limited shelf life, such as magic truffles.

You must be able to assess the product to see if you want to keep it. You may open the packaging to view the product, provided you do it properly.

Packages of food supplements and herbs can no longer be returned after opening, for food safety reasons!

You may not actually use the product if you do not yet know if you like it. Kokopelli may charge a fee if, after return shipment, it appears that you have done something with the product that was not necessary to assess it.

If you order something from Kokopelli, you are entitled to a good product. A product is faulty if, for example, it is incomplete, damaged, broken or not working. If you have received an unsound product, please contact us first so that we can find a solution together.

– If you can prove within 3 months after purchasing your product that it is not sound, we will in most cases arrange replacement as soon as possible.