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This chocolate is made from the unique chuncho cacao from Peru, the same as our 100% ceremonial quality cacao. This chocolate has a soft and delicate fruity flavor. You can taste hints of orange, lemon, banana and other tropical fruits. This all comes from the cacao itself, nothing is added or extracted.

“Chocolate! We never planned to offer it, but this turned out so delicious we had to share it.”

The cacao is grown in the stunning Quelloúno Valley on very old trees, some over a 100 years old. The unique chuncho cacao variety is preserved here because the grandfather Feliciano refused to replace the trees for more producing and resistant hybrids as was done a lot in the region. We are forever thankful to him and the family for continuing to care for this beautiful land and cacao.

Agro-ecological farming

The agro-ecological farming method goes beyond organic principles, creating a healthy place for plants and animals to live. Of course without use of pesticides and herbicides. Large trees function as corridors for monkeys and squirrels to move around, as well as for birds to live and feed. With a large variety of native plants and trees a jungle forest is maintained with a healthy soil for the cacao and other fruit trees to thrive.

With the income from this chocolate, old barren or deserted plots of land in the area are reforested with native trees and of course special cacao seedlings. Reforesting with this knowledge of nature is important for healthy and resilient forests in the future.

Taste notes: orange, lemon, banana, tropical fruit, delicate, long aftertaste.

Agro-ecologically farmed at Finca Paytiti, Quelloúno Valley, Peru
Fermentation: 5 days
Drying: 7-8 days
Roast: light

1 bar = 50gr
Ingredients: peeled chuncho cacao beans 70% & cane sugar 30%


Tasting tips

1. take a small bite.
2. let the chocolate melt on your tongue.
3. softly chew and move around in your mouth to discover all the tastes.
4. notice the changes in aromas and length of the after taste.

bonus tip: close your eyes and imagine yourself in the jungle amongst trees and animals while tasting this chocolate!

Additional information

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Dimensions 17,5 × 8,5 × 1 cm


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